KoderTroop and Simply5 CloudLAN announce an exciting new partnership to strengthen your business security

As work from home became the new normal for businesses worldwide, It’s time for you to secure your business resources with Simply5 CloudLAN. CloudLAN is a secure virtual private network solution for business-grade remote access to office servers and resources. It allows your employees to work remotely without sacrificing productivity and security.

As your managed IT service provider it’s KoderTroop responsibility to provide a secure solution to your business needs. With keeping that in mind we are excited to announce our partnership with Simply5 CloudLAN.

As a part of this partnership, every client of KoderTroop who is working remotely and wants to securely access office resources can get a CloudLAN solution at exciting prices.

Features of Simply5 CloudLAN

  • Managed private VPN for your business without a need for IT backend
  • Access your office servers ( Tally, NAS, ERP, IPBX, etc., ) more securely from anywhere
  • TeamVPN for your teams
  • Shared and dedicated static IP
  • Better bandwidth, low latency

Advantage of using CloudLAN for your business

  • Secure remote data access
  • Work from anywhere without compromising security
  • Easy to set up
  • Enterprise level security solution at low cost
  • Multiple datacenter locations

About Simply5 CloudLAN

CloudLAN’s mission is to provide enterprise-level security to every small and medium-size business. With the help of CloudLAN bring all the user devices & standalone servers into a single virtual network, accessible to each other through private IPs from anywhere.

About KoderTroop

KoderTroop will help run your business better with rapid support and next-generation IT solutions. It helps to find, manage and optimize IT workforces. KoderTroop always thrives to deliver cost-effective value propositions to customers through expertise in end-to-end IT, development, and PaaS solutions.